VIE Program

What is the Visually Impaired Entrepreneur (VIE) Program?

At Cyber Timez, we are committed to reducing the exorbitantly and unnecessarily high unemployment rate in the visually impaired and blind community. Cyber Eyez was built to solve employment issues and Cyber Timez is committed to the same goal. The VIE Program is an opportunity for future entrepreneurs who are visually impaired or blind to establish their own business providing training, evaluation and sales of low vision and blindness products in their community.

How does the VIE Program work?

Every business needs a starting point and a partner. Cyber Timez executive team is here to provide FREE mentoring and step by step assistance in establishing the appropriate business entities, obtaining licenses and paperwork completion to help establish the entrepreneur’s business.

Why does Cyber Timez do this?

First and foremost we believe in the power of entrepreneurship. Small businesses are responsible for over 80% of the employment rate in the United States and by building more small businesses we can ensure this legacy remains intact. Second, we believe that the unemployment rate at over 70% in the visually impaired community is ludicrous. If there aren’t enough employers out there to hire and train visually employed individuals, then turn those individuals into the decision makers themselves! Last, but certainly not least, we hope that they will provide Cyber Eyez as a lead product in their business.

What are the advantages for the entrepreneur?

Self employment. Self reliance. Independence. On top of all the great things being a business owner does for you as an individual, our executive team has extensive backgrounds in a variety of industries and organization sizes. Their expertise starting, running and growing businesses is vast and diverse. They are sure to help you find solutions to any issues you encounter. In addition to great mentors, as part of our own business model we are constantly searching for tax advantages, grants and other funding sources for our Cyber Eyez Family members. Whenever we find something new, of course we share it with our partners! Have you ever used a 529ABLE plan? Did you know it can be used to offset your income and assets with relation to SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid? We can show you lots of ways to help you take advantage of the programs that are available for you and your customers.

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