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Can I change the volume?

Vuzix M300

  1. From the Vuzix Home screen, short press button #1 or button #2 until you get to Settings
  2. Short press button #3 to open Settings
  3. Short press button #1 several times until you get to Sound & notification
  4. Short press button #3 to open Sound & notification
  5. Short press button #1 to highlight Media volume
  6. Using the swipe pad on the side of the the device swipe backward to turn the volume down or swipe forward to turn the volume up

Samsung phone

Google Assistant

  1. Say “OK Google” to start the assistant
  2. Say “Turn the volume up” or “Turn the volume down”

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We’ve Been Busy

If it’s been awhile since you took a look at Cyber Eyez, it’s time to look again :). We have been VERY busy working on several projects to bring you the best wearable tech on the planet with LOTS of options to customize your Cyber Eyez experience.

New Financing Options

stretch a dollar
Multiple hands pulling to stretch a dollar

Consumer Financing with

We know that even with our dedication to keeping costs down Cyber Eyez can be difficult for everyone to afford. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership to bring you Cyber Eyez starting at $88 per month with Affirm! Learn more. With different options available you can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month plans with interest rates offered between 10% and 30%. To take advantage of this fantastic option, just go to, add the products you want to your cart and when you checkout choose Affirm Monthly Payments. You’ll be taken to a quick online application and within seconds you can be approved! Check out all the details about Affirm in our post.

Equipment Lease Agreement
Pen on the top of a paper with the title “Lease Agreement”

Corporate Leasing Program

We are so proud of the huge impact we have had on employment for the visually impaired and blind community. Our commitment to solving the 70%+ unemployment rate in this community continues by offering our corporate partners new leasing terms! We have partnered with Avalon Leasing to enable corporate partners with needs for 5 units or more to place the cost in either a CapEx as financed equipment using our One Dollar Option Program or realize the cost in your Operations line items as a Fair Market Value lease. Implement Cyber Eyez in your workplace for as little as $423 per month! We can offer multiple lease terms including 24, 30, 36 months or custom terms to suit your program needs. Read all about the new Corporate Leasing Program.

SAM Approved!

After lots of paperwork, help desk phone calls and a few email blasts we are so proud to announce that we are now APPROVED in! This means all of our federal partners and service providers like the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Internal Revenue Service, National Parks Service and more can now provide Cyber Eyez! Our DUNS is 082893152 and CAGE is 86LZ8. We look forward to providing the world’s best wearable platform for the low vision and blind community to those of you in service and to those you serve!

New Hardware

We’re always finding the best hardware partners in the world to make your Cyber Eyez experience awesome. Not only do we have a whole new headset option for Cyber Eyez, but an awesome new wearable to control it all with too!

Cyber Eyez on Samsung

Cyber Timez is proud to announce Cyber Eyez Gear VR! This version of Cyber Eyez operates on any Samsung phone that works with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Buy the complete package from us, or just the app if you already have a Samsung phone! Don’t get us wrong, we love the M300, but for some people that really wanted a magnifier that screen size was just too small. In fact, 82% of you told us that! So, in typical Cyber Timez fashion, we listened to your feedback and went on the hunt for a solution. Currently, the only virtual, mixed or augmented reality headset that is wireless and has a front facing camera is the Samsung Gear VR. We’re keeping our eyes and google search bots peeled for other options all the time! Now, what can we do with this amazing piece of hardware? Here’s a brief rundown of the modes, specs and features:

Available Modes

Cyber Eyez is jam packed with all your favorite modes from the M300 on the Samsung, but some perform even better! In particular, offline OCR mode now uses Google Machine Learning running on the device (no internet needed!) to read any text and it’s AMAZING. It supports columns, pictures, tiny text, headlines and on and on and on. We also made sure Microsoft Online (aka Seeing AI Long Text) is included too! With the bigger camera field of view (72 degrees according to Samsung) it’s a LOT easier to get a full page of text on the screen to be read back. Bar code mode just made it’s debut to the Samsung and is currently in picture mode. Snap a pic, if we find the bar code we’ll tell you what it is. If we don’t find a bar code, flip the box and snap a pic again . Auto mode is coming soon, but we gotta start somewhere :). Your other favorites with Color Assistant, Online Object Recognition and of course Mood Ring Mode are all available in Samsung as well.

Screen Adjustments

Everyone knows we pride ourselves on the flexibility of the M300 platform to move and adjust to find your sweet spot. We couldn’t leave that behind on the Samsung! We give you the ability to move the giant movie screen that is in front of you left, right, up, down and even closer or further away. That has proven to be a HUGE benefit for people with only central vision by “pushing” the screen away and having 72 degrees field of view or for partial peripheral vision we move the screen left and down into their sweet spot to see the entire view the camera sees! We’ve seen some really cool stuff with RP, Macular Degeneration and Stargardts with these adjustments. Also, you can adjust the brightness lighter or darker on the fly as your eyes change throughout the day. Last, but certainly not least, you can change the lighting modes between settings like Daylight, Twilight, Cloudy, Shady, Incandescent and more to get just the right color combination for your eyes and environment at the time.

TAP Strap Support

We love new toys, er tools just as much as the next gadgetphile, er technology professional ;). We are so excited to announce that the TAP Strap can now be used to navigate Cyber Eyez! On the M300, tap your thumb to take a picture, tap your index finger to zoom out, tap your middle finger to zoom in, tap your pinky to go back and tap your thumb and index finger to bring up the menus. On the Samsung, tap your thumb to take a picture, index finger to swipe back, middle finger to swipe forward, ring finger to swipe up and pinky to swipe down. How cool is that? Tap your thigh, a table top (sorry mom’s you can’t yell at us for it anymore!), tap anywhere you want! You can get your very own TAP Strap from our store today!

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Announcing New Commercial Lease Options from Cyber Timez

Equipment Lease AgreementCyber Timez is dedicated to improving the lives of people with vision loss or blindness by enabling our corporate customers to acquire our Cyber Eyez with greater ease than ever before.

We are pleased to announce a commercial lease program with our partner Avalon Leasing of Atlanta, GA. Avalon has well over two decades experience assisting companies, including not-for-profit organizations, with their leasing needs.

Both Finance and Rental leases are available for purchases of 5 units or more under terms that fit virtually any budget and allow for immediate product acquisition. For instance, a 36 month lease for five Cyber Eyez M300 devices runs just $423 a month, or just $85 a month per pair. We look forward to helping you and your team achieve their goals and independence without the constraints of limited capital expenditure budgets. Please contact Sean Tibbetts today at (202) 827-6883 for immediate assistance.


Calculate Your Costs
Cyber Eyez M300 Units
Cyber Eyez Gear VR Units
One $ Option (Finance)
24 Months 36 Months
Fair Market Value (Rent)
24 Months 36 Months
  1. Rates based on good credit. Payments for applicants not meeting standard credit criteria may differ. Rates are subject to change. Effective July 10, 2018
  2. Transactions over $50,000.00 with financial statements may obtain special pricing, please enquire. Call for assistance if transaction is over $100,000-.
  3. FMV may differ slightly, depending on listing of equipment. This primarily applies to computers, or transactions with soft costs included.
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Consumer Financing Now Available With Affirm!

Affirm LogoWe are SO excited to announce that you can now finance Cyber Eyez for as low as $88 per month with Affirm! Learn more. Get all the awesome features, functions and modes that come with Cyber Eyez, enjoy free tech support for life, free training classes for life and yes, FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR LIFE all for an affordable monthly rate! The best part is that after your loan term ends you still own it! Unlike some other products where you pay a monthly fee forever or worse yet get charged for updates, Cyber Eyez is yours for life.

Affirm payment subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. Rates from 10-30% APR. For purchases under $100, limited payment options are available. Affirm loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. See for details.
stretch a dollar

How much does it Cost?

Below is a breakdown of the different versions of Cyber Eyez and the different payment terms you can expect based on the plan you qualify for and choose. Using the loan calculator on Affirm’s website for the different versions of Cyber Eyez the payments work out as follows (not including tax, shipping, accessories, etc.). Your exact monthly payment may vary.

Cyber Eyez Software Only $998.00

12 Months 6 Months
10.00% $87.79 $171.26
15.00% $90.15 $173.75
20.00% $92.55 $176.25
25.00% $94.98 $178.77
30.00% $97.25 $181.16
Cyber Eyez M300 $2,497.00

12 Months 6 Months
10.00% $219.65 $428.49
15.00% $225.56 $434.71
20.00% $231.56 $440.98
25.00% $237.65 $447.28
30.00% $243.32 $453.25
Cyber Eyez Gear VR $1,897.00

12 Months 6 Months
10.00% $166.87 $325.53
15.00% $171.36 $330.25
20.00% $175.92 $335.02
25.00% $180.54 $339.81
30.00% $184.85 $344.34

How do I apply?

Applying for financing with Affirm is easy:

You’ll be taken to the Affirm website to complete the application process (usually 30 seconds or less) and when you’re approved and select the plan that works best for you, Cyber Eyez is on the way to your doorstep!

I live outside the US, can I apply to Affirm?

Unfortunately, Affirm is open to US residents only. Please check out our Partners page to locate a resource in your area. If there isn’t one listed, consider joining our Visually Impaired Entrepreneur Program to get lots of help opening your own business and bring Cyber Eyez and other exciting technologies to your area!

Where can I get more information about Affirm?

Please go to the Affirm website at

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Cyber Eyez and TAP Systems Work Together to Make Smart Glasses Easier

Cyber Timez Logo TAP Systems, Inc. Logo

Cyber Timez and TAP Systems Inc. have teamed up to make using smart glasses easier for people with low vision or blindness.

“Both Tap and Cyber Timez have wearable product offerings and we both have found market success working with the visually impaired community. It’s a natural collaboration for us to work together to achieve better user experiences and offer more tools for both our current and future users,” said Dovid Schick, CEO of Tap Systems.

Smart glasses today have a combination of buttons, swipe pads and voice controls to use them. This can be a struggle for people with arthritis pain or trying to use their hands to work. The TAP device is a comfortable wearable worn at the base of your fingers which senses finger taps. By tapping your fingers on any surface, you can make smart glasses do everything from zooming in and out to taking a picture or even placing a phone call.

“I am confident that by combining our creative and engineering efforts we will develop a tool that is easy to use, faster to navigate and more comfortable for all day wear,” said Sean Tibbetts, CEO of Cyber Timez.

Initial efforts will be focused on using the TAP strap instead of the buttons, swipe pad and/or voice commands followed by work to customize the TAP  for quick access to Cyber Eyez features.


About CyberTimez

Cyber Timez is an industry leader and innovator in smart glasses software development deploying the latest computer vision techniques including edge and cloud based machine learning and artificial intelligence engines. The company’s product Cyber Eyez provides greater independence for people with vision loss by providing multiple tools to read text (in over 160 languages), identify objects, recognize colors, sense moods on faces, scan barcodes and live video chat using smart glasses. Cyber Timez is an award-winning company focused on making a difference in real people’s lives through technology. We are firm believers in and driven by our motto “Always in the service of others.”


About TAP Systems, Inc.

Tap Systems Inc., located in Pasadena, California, is the creator of Tap, the wearable mouse and keyboard. Tap delivers untethered data and control input to Bluetooth-enabled devices, from wearables, smartphones and tablets to TVs and VR/AR environments. Physical connection to the device is not required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. Tap was created by industry veterans Dovid Schick and Sabrina Kemeny to bring consumers the next big shift in input technology.

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Cyber Eyez Helps Visually Impaired Read And Video Chat with Smart Glasses using Microsoft Cognitive Services

April 26, 2018 – The latest version of Cyber Eyez now uses Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision – the technology used by Seeing AI – to support instant text recognition. Additionally, Cyber Eyez 2.5 supports free live video calling with Skype running on Vuzix M300 smart glasses.

“Reading text and ‘visual interpretation’ are two of the most successful use cases for smart glasses in the blind or low vision community. We’re proud to be able to offer these services in Cyber Eyez to our user community everywhere they go,” said Sean Tibbetts, CEO & Co-Founder of Cyber Timez.

The ‘Reading Assistant’ feature in Cyber Eyez enables those who are blind or with low vision to have their mail, restaurant menus, documents and more read aloud to them using the optical character recognition feature of the Microsoft Computer Vision tool. This technology is also used by Microsoft’s Seeing AI app on iOS to recognize text among many other types of objects. Using Microsoft Azure, this feature can recognize text in multiple languages, identify column and table-based formatting—even in poor lighting or with folds in the paper.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to support such a rapid development cycle to deploy Microsoft’s rich text recognition capabilities and the value it will bring to the blind and low vision community,” said Anirudh Koul, a data scientist with Microsoft working on Seeing AI.

Cyber Eyez 2.5 has also added free video calling with Skype. “Sometimes all the tech in the world fails and you just need a set of eyes to tell you what you are looking at. Now you can do that for free using Skype in Cyber Eyez,” said Jeana Angelini who uses Cyber Eyez both at home and at her job in a manufacturing facility. Skype is a secure platform that is used by many people worldwide and now that list includes the Vuzix M300 smart glasses with Cyber Eyez.

Media Contact:

Sean Tibbetts
Cyber Timez

About CyberTimez

Cyber Timez is an industry leader and innovator in smart glasses software development deploying the latest computer vision techniques including edge and cloud based machine learning and artificial intelligence engines. The company’s product Cyber Eyez provides greater independence for people with vision loss by providing multiple tools to read text (in over 160 languages), identify objects, recognize colors, sense moods on faces, scan barcodes and live video chat using smart glasses. Cyber Timez is an award-winning company focused on making a difference in real people’s lives through technology. We are firm believers in and driven by our motto “Always in the service of others.”


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No Shave November Contest Rules

No Shave November 2017

What is it?

Cyber Timez, Inc. is thrilled to present the “No Shave November” Contest! For the month of November we are inviting and encouraging all of our employees and followers to NOT SHAVE! The person with the most hair growth will get to pick their favorite charity that supports the visually impaired community and we will donate $500 to that organization!

I Do Believe It's Moustache Season Sir

The Rules

  • The contest will begin on 1 November 2017 at midnight eastern time.
  • All contestants must submit a “Start” photo submitted to our Facebook page, Twitter Feed or email no later than midnight eastern time on 2 November 2017.
  • All contestants must submit a “Final” photo submitted to our Facebook page, Twitter Feed or email no later than midnight eastern time 1 December 2017.

Clean Shaver (Even on Nov 30)

Clean Shavers

  • Daily shavers must shave AFTER 8PM on 31 October 2017

Kung Fu Theater Goat and Brows

With Facial Hair

If you have cultivated the amazing face pet that is your beard or ‘stache, you don’t have to shave it off to participate :).

  • If you are below a 1 guard on a trimmer, just shave it off homey 🙂
  • If you are above a 1 guard on a trimmer, please use a piece of string to measure your current length and submit it with your starter photo

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie, we go to “Best Beard” rules and post the finalists as a poll on our website and social media channels for 3 days. The winner (he who has garnered the most votes across all platforms) wins!

Legal-Eze Unicorn


By submitting a photo participants agree to these terms.
There is no cash value for any participants in this contest.
All proceeds will go to the charity designated by the winner.
Designated charity must provide services to the visually impaired and/or blind community directly.
All decisions are final and up to the management team at Cyber Timez, Inc.
Cyber Timez, Inc. will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or claim made by or as a result of participants in this contest.