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    All Vuzix serial numbers start with “M00” followed by a 1 or a 2 (1 is for the M100, 2 is for the M300) and then 6 more digits. For example, an M100 serial number may be “M001009999” and an M300 serial number may be “M002009999” respectively.

    You can find your serial number in a few different places.

    On the Box

    Every Vuzix box has a white sticker with two barcodes on it. You are looking for the line that starts with “S / N M00”.
    Sticker on the Vuzix box with the serial number

    On the Glasses


    On the M100 if you look to the inside of the device where the speaker is you will find a label with LOTS of information on it. The serial number is black text on a white background in the lower left corner and starts with

    Vuzix M100 Label


    On the M300 the serial number can be found on the inside edge of the device just below the camera housing. The text is printed very small in yellow with a QR code just above it and starts with “M0020”.

    Vuzix M300 Label

    In the Settings

    You can also find your serial number from the main Settings app on the Vuzix home screen.

    1. Long press button #2 to get to the Vuzix Home screen (if not there already)
    2. Short press button #1 or #2 until you get to Settings
    3. Short press #3 to open Settings
    4. Short press #1 until you get to About Smart Glasses
    5. Short press #3 to open About Smart Glasses
    6. Short press #3 to open Status
    7. Short press #1 until you get to Serial Number
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