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    If you hear the “Not currently in focus” message repeatedly, it means the camera can’t find anything in frame to establish contrast with to be able to set the exposure levels on the camera automatically. Some typical causes include:

    • Squeezing a little too hard and/or fast on button #3 to snap the picture causing the device to move and go out of focus
    • Zooming in too far on an object can cause the image to become pixelated and difficult to focus

    If you keep hearing it over and over, there are two methods used to fix it:

    • Cover the camera lens on the front of the device for a few seconds to cause the image to go completely dark. This will force the camera hardware to reset the image settings so when you remove your hand it can focus with the adjusted exposure.
    • Exit and re-open Cyber Eyez as this will cause the camera to “reset” and should focus without issues
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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