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    Cyber Eyez has a built in method for updating in the Settings menu.
    *You must be connected to WiFi to update*

    1. Go to the Vuzix Home screen
    2. Navigate to and launch Cyber Eyez
    3. Long press button #1 to bring up your menu
    4. Short press button #1 repeatedly to get to Settings
    5. Short press button #3 to open Settings
    6. Short press button #1 several times until you reach Update and hear “Update to the latest version.”
    7. short press #3
      You won’t hear anything, but the download will start in the background.
    8. Long press #2 to go back to Vuzix Home
    9. Navigate to and launch Downloads
    10. Use #1 or #2 to highlight “Cyber Eyez get Latest” and short press #3 to begin the installer

    *NOTE: If you get an error that says “Install blocked” please take the following steps:

    1. Short press #1 to get to the Settings button
    2. Short press #3 to open Settings
    3. Short press #1 until you get to “Unknown Sources”
    4. Short press #3 to select it
    5. Short press #1 until you reach the “OK” button
    6. Short press #1 to select OK
    7. Repeat the steps above from step 8
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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