How do I setup WiFi on Vuzix glasses?

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    Setting up WiFi can either be the easiest or most difficult thing you do depending on which method you pick :). The methods are the same for the M100 and M300 except for one minor screen difference.

    The Easy Way

    1. On your pc or phone, open a browser and go to
    2. Enter your network name in the SSID field
    3. Enter your WiFi network password in the Key field
    4. Click the Generate button
    5. Make sure QR code is visible on the screen (you might have to scroll down a little)
    6. On the glasses, Navigate to the Vuzix home screen
    7. Navigate to and launch the Settings app
    8. Short press button #1 to highlight WiFi
    9. Short press button #3 to open WiFi
    10. This part is different depending on if you have the M100 or M300

      1. Short press button #1 until QR Code is highlighted


      1. Long press button #1 to open the menu
      2. Short press button #1 until you get to QR Code
    11. Short press #3 to launch the scanner app
    12. Point your glasses at the QR code generated earlier. When the glasses recognize the code, you will hear a beep.
    13. Wait patiently…it may take up to a minute or so…and…WHAMMO! WiFi 🙂

    The Hard Way

    Call us. (202) 827-6883.
    There is a method using the WiFi Setting screen, combinations of buttons and keying in your password via a keyboard on the glasses. It can be done! The QiFi way is a whole lot easier though!

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