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    Yup! You can choose from over 100 voices in 35 languages. On the Vuzix M100 or M300 you can change the voice by:

    1. Go to the Vuzix Home screen by long pressing button #2
    2. Navigate to Settings by short pressing button #1 or button #2 and launch it by short pressing button #3
    3. Short press button #1 many times until you get to Accessibility
    4. Short press button #1 until you get to Text-to-speech Output
    5. Short press button #3 to launch Text to Speech Settings
    6. You will need your glasses connected to a PC or Mac for this step using Vysor and may need sighted help (we’re sorry!)
      Using the mouse, click on the Gear icon to the right of Google Text-to-speech Engine
    7. Short press button #1 until you get to Install voice data then short press #3
    8. You will need your glasses to be connected to the internet for this step, unless you have previously installed the voice data file
      Short press button #1 until you get to your desired language and short press #3 to select it
    9. Click the arrow pointing down on the right to download the voice data pack
    10. Once it’s downloaded, you can choose from the voices included in that pack

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